PAUSE: a virtual salon for reflection, conversation and inspiration

An opportunity for the Homerton Community to take time out, pause, & discuss big ideas with friends

Regular Wednesdays 7.30-8.30pm, via Zoom

Pause allows space for us to consider some of the big questions made more pressing and visible by Covid-19. Pause is built on the idea that we can pause  - reflect  - in ways that are both intellectually interesting and socially imaginative. And that this process is both good for ourselves and our communities. 

Pause focuses on texts, in the broadest sense of that word, to prompt and anchor our conversations. Each session begins with a (short) reflection from a Homertonian on a (short) text, film or other object; we’ll then meet in small groups for discussion and reconvene for a brief gathering in to end. The programme draws on works of philosophy, literature, science, education, art, economics - in various forms - to help us consider large questions in more interesting ways.

Readings are available on the Pause website [link] and you’re encouraged to engage with the text during and and beyond the series; within and beyond the sessions. (Perhaps you’ll start a conversation in your household; or on twitter; or over dinner..)

Register here. The zoom link, recurring for all sessions, will be available upon registration.


Co-Curated by Dr Robin Bunce and Dr Alison Wood

Homerton Pause Reading List

Wed 11 Nov

Pause, with Robin Bunce , ‘The Now

Text. George Woodcock, The Tyranny of the Clock (first published in ‘War Commentary  - For Anarchism. Mid-March 1944)  


Wed 18 Nov

Pause, with Alison Wood 

‘Being a Good Ancestor’

Texts. Bina Venkataraman. Why you should think about being a good ancestor. Ideas at 27 Aug 2019.


The LongTime Project

Especially the 5min film 'Why do we need to get long term' on the project homepage


Further Reading: The Good Ancestor: How to Think Long Term in a Short-Term World.  Roman Krzanic. WH Allen 2020


Prompts for thinking. To what extent do the systems of late-capitalism work against long-term thinking? How is it possible to think of being a good ancestor in the face of profound and perhaps existential uncertainty?



Wed 25 Nov

Pause, wIth Beth Singler

'Robot Politicians: Even Better than the Real Thing?'

Text: Issac Asimov, 'Evidence' and 'The Evitable Conflict'. In I, Robot


Wed 2 Dec

Pause, with Kamal Munir 

‘From Patanjali to the 'Gospel of Sweat': Yoga's Remarkable Journey from an Ascetic Movement to an $80 billion Market’

Text. ‘If Ghandi took a Yoga Class’

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