The Changemaker Easter Virtual Residential focusing on 'Not your usual leadership programme' 

This is not about leadership as usual. It’s not about your inner HERO, or being assertive, or persuasive, or making a pitch (although those things can be useful). And it’s not about visible status, as much as we might want that. It’s about genuine influence.... 

Applications are now closed. 

Recent Events

Mentoring for Pandemic Times 2021 

Applications for the summer cohort is now open. Deadline: 30th May 2021.

A chance to talk with an experienced, skilled mentor about careers, job-finding, and direction-setting in the challenging Covid-19. By popular demand, another scheme will be running from July to Nov 2021. Applications are now closed.


Project University 3rd May, 6-7.30pm

Changemaker ambassadors Zoe Swanick and Kenji Misawa are inviting you to a roundtable to discuss The Future of University. If you could create your own University from scratch, what would it look like? More details & registration here



Changemakers Roundtable Series 6 May & 13 May 6pm

A chance to meet with Rupert Baines, serial entrepreneur and investor, to explore the how and why of a start-up journey. We're keeping this one small so you'll have scope for real conversation: but book early to secure a spot. More details & registration here


Delighted to announce that Dr Alison Wood will delivering the keynote for the Form the Future Erasmus conference focusing on '21st Century Skills for 21st Century Needs' on 28th April, 4pm She will be talking about the Future of Education. Register here

Poetry and Unknowability Workshop. 28 April 7pm-8.30pm

With Dr Mariah Whelan, Jacqueline Bardsley Poet-in-Residence, Homerton College. 

"In higher education, we spend a lot of time developing our analytical toolkit. We practice skills of reason, analysis and logic to come to understand and ‘know’ the world around us. Poetry, however, is an art practice predicated on the unknowable. At the centre of every poem is something that resists categorisation: a feeling, a mood or an emotional texture that defies categorisation through conventional taxonomies or articulation in everyday speech. In poetry we take that core of what we can’t fully know or express and wrap it up in a poem. We set out devices of metaphor, rhyme and form to gesture towards aspects of human experience that exceed the possibilities offered to us by our everyday systems of knowledge."

This workshop explores methods for incorporating poetic thinking into your study and research practice. More details & registration here

The Lent Changemaker Virtual ResidentialEntrepreneurialism, Innovation & Intrapreneurialism

10am 23rd - 5pm 24th March 2021

An immersive virtual residential focused on honing your skills in building 'something from nothing'. We'll consider various models of innovation; explore tools essential for leadership, and meet standout entrepreneurs, guest faculty and coaches.


Homerton Pause

Regular Wednesdays 7.30-8.30pm, via zoom

A discussion group with senior members of the Homerton Community on topics made more pressing by COVID-19. More info & registration here


Self Leadership: Exploring yourself and your relationship to leadership 17th Feb 2021, 12-3pm

(in partnership with the Tavistock Institute, London)

This workshop explores the qualities that makes us unique: the skills, knowledge and experiences that each of us bring to the roles we have amongst friends and family, & when we study & work. Seeing the overlaps between those roles, and the values that define them, can be a powerful way to understand leadership in its most intersectional and diverse forms. 



Visual Voices: Using arts and creativity to make change, 23rd Jan and 30th Jan 2021. We live in unprecedented times. Such times demand an array of approaches for understanding and making change. This experiential workshop introduces the unique approach of ‘visual voices’, a powerful research tool for illuminating challenges and creating dynamic change. During two sessions you will develop photographic projects about core social challenges that matter to you; dig deeper into visual research and representations’ powerful impact; and learn how visual methods can be used towards changemaking in a community, organization, or place. [This is not a photography course - and no photographic or visual training is necessary. But you will need a camera, either stand alone or on your phone]. 


11th Nov - 2nd Dec 2020 Homerton Pause.  An opportunity for the Homerton Community to take time out, pause, & discuss big ideas with friends. Regular Wednesdays 7.30 - 8.30pm, via Zoom. Click here to register. Click here for the reading list.

28th - 29th Sept 2020 Changemaker Virtual Mini-Residential. Click here for more information and click on 'view details' .


15th Jan 2020 Changemakers Workshop 101. This workshop introduces you to the principles of Homerton Changemakers covering four core areas: Changemaker Principles, Leadership, Systems Thinking and Self-Understanding. For more info, visit this link & click on 'view details'

25th February 2020 Homerton Changemakers Lecture featuring Sue Wilkinson OBE (former CEO of The Reading Agency) who will be talking about 'Embracing Change.'​ For more info visit here & click on 'view details'

23rd Jan -19th Mar 2020 : Homerton Changemakers/ThinkLab Workshops. An eight-week programme in which multidisciplinary student teams work on real, unsolved issues given to them by NGOs. For more information, please contact 


9th Mar 2020 Wine and Cheese Evening to celebrate International Women's Day.