Changemakers Ambassadors 20/21
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Cornelius Palm

Recent Alumni/Founder of Happyr Health

As a University of Cambridge postgraduate alumni in Entrepreneurship and social entrepreneur, making change is close to my heart. Before co-founding Happyr Health, a social healthcare venture that aims to help children in pain, I gained experience in strategy consulting at KPMG and in the leadership team of a high-growth start-up. I combine business expertise with experience from the health sector, from >5 years of working as a paramedic. Homerton Changemakers has inspired me with new systemic methods to tackle the major problems we face. I hope to support the practical implementation of those methods in my ambassador role.



MPhil in Education

After completing my BA in international development, I worked as a field worker for three years alleviating poverty in marginalized communities in Peru. I am currently studying in MPhil in Education (Psychology and Education), where my research interest lies in understanding the role of play in creating an educational environment where children can develop their social and emotional skills to become socially rounded citizens. The reason why I became an ambassador is that I believe Homerton Changemaker offers an amazing platform for me to further develop my leadership skill as well as creating an invaluable network with other peers

Harriet Clark


History (3rd year)

Within History, I have a specific interest in how different ideologies and value systems have affected the lives of people living under them, be that through material conditions or more subtle areas such as perceptions of gender and sexuality. I am also fascinated by how the choices we make regarding what history to teach have ramifications on our political systems today, and this is something I am hoping to develop further through Changemakers as the role of the historian becomes ever more important with the resurgence of populist rhetoric. In my spare time I play the trumpet and classical guitar, and enjoy singing and comedy.


Adriana De Persia Colón

PhD in Education (First year)

My work is a combination of Boricua Kidlit, decoloniality, and storytelling. As a Boricua, I’m interested in the ways in which stories help us not only survive but thrive. During the Changemakers Virtual Residential, the short times in which we shared stories were some of the most powerful moments. As such, I became an Ambassador to expand storytelling times in the program and to continue highlighting the importance of the arts in the physical and digital worlds to ensure funding and vital day-to-day support.



Land Economy (3rd year)

I am interested in making the cities and communities more resilient against natural disasters and potential risks arising from climate change, to increase the safety and wellbeing of their residents. As we witnessed, for example, how the lives could be vulnerable before the earthquakes and the tsunami in Japan, I believe the cities need to be prepared to undergo such challenges, and simultaneously, contribute to sustainability of the globe in altering the ecosystem.
Homerton Changemakers is a collaborative space for me to explore and find new sides of myself and others. Hoping to see many more of you in the programme!


Lixinhao Gao (Aurora)

MPhil in Education

As an education graduate with distinction (80) at Cambridge University, I am fully aware of the academic and social opportunities I have been offered. Coming from a Spanish major and Psychology minor background, I am looking for challenges and opportunities in the sphere of multilingualism. Personally, being a Homerton Changemaker ambassador is a great opportunity to further proceed my research exploration and personal development. By discovering more about myself and making friends with people from various backgrounds, I am enabled to enhance my self-confidence and other pivotal interpersonal skills. 


Millicent Stone

Masters in Entrepreneurship

If one recovers from an illness it’s not enough to survive one must thrive. I learnt that firsthand as I saw my own child survive cancer and then thrive. I am a Mother, Doctor, Entrepreneur, Author and Person. I have been lucky to work in renowned medical and academic Institutions across UK, Europe and North America enjoying a successful career in academia, public and private sector and more recently as CEO / Co Founder of iOWNA, digital healthcare startup. My goal is to enable people live longer, healthier lives. I believe Changemakers will be the key to unlocking that goal   


Zoe Swanwick

4th Year MML

It’s easy to feel powerless in the face of all the issues that we face on global ever so it becomes even more crucial to find ways to understand and solve problems we face. Through studying MML I have been able to appreciate the necessity of thinking about one’s position in a world that is infinitely connected in multiple and complex ways, especially through interdisciplinary perspectives including skills like critical thinking as essential for building on what a Cambridge degree can offer. I am currently focused on a historical perspective on the place of the individual and body politic in 20th century Europe, but I hope to go on to studies in international security and politics. Hopefully the Changemakers programme is just the beginning of understanding different ways of approaching the problems our world faces!


Sarah Tucker

MPhil in Children's Literature

I'm an award winning journalist and travel broadcaster, and best selling novelist, in her first year of an MPhil in childrens literature hoping to continue to a PhD.  I have been teaching vinyasa yoga for over eight years, in schools and colleges in SW London and have just completed the authorised biography of physician and psychologist and former Cambridge professor Edward de Bono, who's speciality was lateral thinking.  

Arlette Doko (1).jpg


Psychological and Behavioural Science (3rd year)

As a PBS student, I see immense value in harnessing the knowledge provided by the study of psychology to enrich societies: improving the way that we think, work and interact with each other. I am particularly passionate about mental health and health psychology. Sustainability and environmentalism are also keen interests of mine. Now more than ever we need to find innovative solutions to the problems our world is facing. The Homerton Changemaker program has allowed me to step outside of my comfort zone and develop the skills that I need to be an effective agent for change in this world.

Emily Harris_Change makers (1).png


Natural Sciences (3rd year)

My focus in Natural Sciences this year has turned to neuroscience. This field allows me to explore a range of issues from studying detailed biochemical structures to debating subjective concepts such as pain. Outside of Uni, I have a fascination in the social, political and environmental impact that everyday choices can have globally. For instance, who knew that the international avocado demand is driving Mexican drug cartel to extort local farmers? The Changemakers Summer School provided an opportunity for me to develop in areas that are underrepresented in my academic education alongside students from a dynamic range of backgrounds. It emphasised that interdisciplinary collaboration and skills such as mindfulness, presentation and critical thinking are essential for life beyond my degree.



BA in Physical Natural Sciences (3rd Year)

I have always found it weird and slightly frightening that I can spend hours of my day thinking about my subject or extracurricular interests, but rarely take the time to think about myself. Changemakers has given me a way to learn about and develop myself, I experienced it as a great space to think about what I value and what I wish for in my personal and professional life. I am very grateful for the conversations I have had with others in the program and am very much looking forwards to continue them this year.  


Sandaleen Qaiser

English Tripos (3rd Year)

Studying English compels me to think creatively and critically about human nature, societal structures, and the interdisciplinary: my interests range from South Asian postcolonialism, to the legacy of Victorian medicine, to the historically complex relationship between mathematics and language. It also makes me acutely aware of what the world is lacking and informs my pursuits in improving educational access for all, in every way I am capable. Changemakers has helped me develop a sense of self-leadership, allowing me to concretise the issues I deeply care about. It has helped me understand the individual role I can play in bringing better education to underprivileged communities, in furthering a profound love of learning in myself and others, and ultimately in creating positive change.