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BA Economics (2nd year)

Economics and biology, mathematics and dinosaurs! My academic interests range from game theory and developmental economics to zoology and palaeontology. Through Changemakers, I wanted to learn more about the ways in which I could leverage my professional career towards the social goals that I seek to tackle. The corporate world is where I believe we can maximise our global impact, making the most seismic of shifts in industry practises and environmental protection.
Thus, by leveraging my corporate career, I hope to become a changemaker of the future, saving our tigers and turtles one suit and tie at a time!




PhD Education (2nd year)

The focus of my PhD was inspired by my experience teaching refugee youth in Malaysia. I observed that many of these students didn’t have a chance to continue their education at university due to the complex situation they had found themselves in. I embarked on this PhD project in Education to explore ways to tackle this problem and extend access at the tertiary level. Homerton Changemakers was therefore extremely valuable to ask questions about how to make this difference. It is an opportunity to explore how academic research like this can extend beyond a thesis and into our everyday experiences.

Harriet Clark


History (2nd year)

Within History, I have a specific interest in how different ideologies and value systems have affected the lives of people living under them, be that through material conditions or more subtle areas such as perceptions of gender and sexuality. I am also fascinated by how the choices we make regarding what history to teach have ramifications on our political systems today, and this is something I am hoping to develop further through Changemakers as the role of the historian becomes ever more important with the resurgence of populist rhetoric. In my spare time I play the trumpet and classical guitar, and enjoy singing and comedy.



Land Economy (2nd year)

I am interested in making the cities and communities more resilient against natural disasters and potential risks arising from climate change, to increase the safety and wellbeing of their residents. As we witnessed, for example, how the lives could be vulnerable before the earthquakes and the tsunami in Japan, I believe the cities need to be prepared to undergo such challenges, and simultaneously, contribute to sustainability of the globe in altering the ecosystem.
Homerton Changemakers is a collaborative space for me to explore and find new sides of myself and others. Hoping to see many more of you in the programme!

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Geographical Tripos (2nd year)

Historically, geography was a physical endeavour as famous explorers like Christopher Columbus travelled the world. Today, it has been transformed to an intellectual one. The study of geography has allowed me to navigate my way through a multitude of academic disciplines; from Glaciology, Biogeography and Climate Change within the physical sciences through to Economics, Politics and Cultural Geography in the social sciences. Changemakers has developed this further, enabling me to think about big ideas in a more practical sense. Specifically, ‘Mapping the System’ allows you to explore, probe, and research all the connecting elements and factors around a particular issue. These skills tied in with an element of self-reflection and development, the Homerton Changemakers Programme ultimately gives you the lens needed to make ‘real’ change.



PhD Theoretical Physics

Physics has this beautiful story about how small things determine the behaviour on large scales. Crucially, most of the "micro" information is redundant and we reach the situation that many different small-scale configurations lead to the same behaviour in "the big picture". It is only if we tweak very specific features that we can observe an effect on the whole. Similarly, not all little actions were created equal. To obtain meaningful social impact globally, our actions need to be consequential; I have got Nature to back me up on this. I see Changemakers as a route to pinpointing those actions!

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Psychological and Behavioural Science (2nd year)

As a PBS student, I see immense value in harnessing the knowledge provided by the study of psychology to enrich societies: improving the way that we think, work and interact with each other. I am particularly passionate about mental health and health psychology. Sustainability and environmentalism are also keen interests of mine. Now more than ever we need to find innovative solutions to the problems our world is facing. The Homerton Changemaker program has allowed me to step outside of my comfort zone and develop the skills that I need to be an effective agent for change in this world.

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Natural Sciences (2nd year)

My focus in Natural Sciences this year has turned to neuroscience. This field allows me to explore a range of issues from studying detailed biochemical structures to debating subjective concepts such as pain. Outside of Uni, I have a fascination in the social, political and environmental impact that everyday choices can have globally. For instance, who knew that the international avocado demand is driving Mexican drug cartel to extort local farmers? The Changemakers Summer School provided an opportunity for me to develop in areas that are underrepresented in my academic education alongside students from a dynamic range of backgrounds. It emphasised that interdisciplinary collaboration and skills such as mindfulness, presentation and critical thinking are essential for life beyond my degree.

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Music (2nd year)

As a Music student at Cambridge University, I am well aware of the academic and social opportunities I have been given. I also understand that intellectual and emotional development depends on positive interaction with different kinds of people and exposure to different kinds of social and civic organization – and this is one of the reasons I really love participating in the Homerton Changemakers program. Being part of such an important program has already helped me in many ways, from confidence to public speaking, even just with personal organization. I have also made, not only contacts, but many new friends and I look forward to seeing and being part of the future of Changemakers. 

Damyan Tilev


MPhil in Biotechnology

Academically, I am interested in tissue engineering, organ-on-chip systems and biosensors and their commercialisation. Coming from an engineering background I am looking for challenges in technology and society, that I can solve using my skillset and leave an environment to the future generation, which is slightly safer, biodiverse and more sustainable. Outside of university I enjoy spending time with my family and friends, and pushing myself out of my comfort zone. I chose to attend the Changemakers Summer School, because I saw it as an opportunity to learn more about myself and develop some crucial for an entrepreneur skill, like leadership and effective communication.

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