Skills For Today's World

The great challenges of our time - geo-political, ecological, psychological - demand that we become more adept: as individuals, as communities, and as a species. Better at understanding the deep connections between the personal, the practical and the societal. Able to act wisely and with impact. Equipped to truly listen and collaborate. Able to think both deeply and broadly.
Cambridge offers an outstanding academic education. Changemakers goes beyond that, building your essential skills for today's world: self-awareness, leadership, collaboration, global citizenship, systems-thinking, deep listening, sustainable futures.
It helps you ask more powerful questions about what you're really going to do with your Cambridge experience: and to ask what success really means in the era we live in. And then to connect these things more deeply with your values so you can place your energies with greater impact, meaning, and ease. To make a difference in the world.
 Changemakers takes the form of regular workshops and intensive residentials, online modules, lectures, mentoring, coaching and a student ambassador scheme. Built on scholarship, a committed network of supporters, and extensive experience Changemakers is modular and co-curricular (and unique to Homerton). And it's designed for you.
-Changemakers Now for tomorrow. 
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Changemakers is an essential intervention into the Cambridge experience: to help students become all they can be.
Dr Alison Wood
Academic Director of Homerton Changemakers
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The academic education that Cambridge provides is second to none - and we think that crucial non-academic skills now deserve the same attention. 
Professor Geoff Ward
Principal of Homerton College
Homerton is really seizing its moment and becoming right at the heart of the University of Cambridge
Professor Stephen Toope
Vice-Chancellor of the University of Cambridge
Students aren't at Cambridge just to get a degree - it is here that they discover themselves, and decide to make a difference in the world.
Miranda Hewkin Smith
President, Homerton Union of Students 2017 - 2019